About Us


Law Offices of Jonathan Stein was established in 1992, some 22 years ago.  We provide legal work typically found at the better national law firms, but at rates that are far more affordable.  For example, where a litigation might cost $1 million at a national firm, we can do much the same work for less than half that amount.

With a record in litigation matters of 60 wins and 8 losses, our results are typically better.  Law Offices of Jonathan Stein usually works on the plaintiff side and so more wins are to be expected.  The outsized success, however, stems from Jonathan’s belief that every step in the litigation should be taken only to win at trial.

Law Offices of Jonathan Stein handles mostly 7-figure and 8-figure cases with less than 30 boxes of relevant documents.  Usually, about 20 documents and 8 witnesses win or lose a trial.  You will find very little waste in our litigation approach, with a laser-like focus on steps necessary to win and elimination of work that is less than necessary to a complete approach.  

And with over 300 trial days under his belt, Jonathan is always prepared to go to trial.  Jonathan begins every case with careful strategic thinking and research before the complaint is filed.  Discovery is done with a light touch and an eye towards cost control.  Dispositive motions are prepared with the idea that most or all of the same work will be used at trial.  

Law Offices of Jonathan Stein has four distinct areas of expertise — business litigation, private equity fund providers, entertainment matters, and lobbying/public advocacy.  


 Jonathan has won 15 seven-figure litigations in the last 19 years.  His overall record in litigated matters in the last 22 years is 60 wins and 8 losses.

Jonathan’s reputation among judges and other senior lawyers in Los Angeles Superior Court (the nation’s largest); his strong academic background; past associations with national law firms; and over 300 trial days before a judge and jury, lend stature and ease when handling diverse business litigations.  Recently, Jonathan has begun doing asset-laden family law trials as well.

Within the general field of litigation, Jonathan is especially known in the gaming industry. Recent gaming industry work includes a 7-figure recovery for gaming personnel from a private equity fund, stemming from failure of largest gaming cruise ship operator in Florida;  a 7-figure minority shareholder buyout, involving a Mississippi casino;  IP licensing for Paramount Pictures to the gaming industry; and regulatory work before California Gambling Control Commission on behalf of a slot machine manufacturer.

Jonathan is a well-known speaker and writer on business litigation topics. He has served as Dinner Chair for all four Annual Litigation Awards Dinners at the 6,000-lawyer Beverly Hills Bar Association.  Jonathan has also chaired the 1,000-lawyer Litigation Section, and served two terms on the BHBA Board of Directors.


Jonathan was instrumental in raising a $21-million casino development financing in 2006 for Gabrielino-Tongva Tribe, www.gabrielinotribe.org .   Jonathan gained broad acquaintanceship with private equity funds in the REGL space (real estate, gaming and leisure).  Since 2006, he has worked on a number of casino financing and, more recently, private capital financing involved in domestic and foreign real estate developments and asset financings.

In 2011 through the present, in Vietnam an the USA, Jonathan worked with Licogi 16 Joint Stock Company, www.licogi16.vn , a state-owned company developing a $50-million mixed use complex in Hanoi New City, the new administrative hub for the government.  He has also worked with Mai Linh Group, www.mailinh.vn , one of Vietnam’s largest private companies, on a $100-million financing for replacement vehicles.  Mai Linh Group is the largest taxi cab service in Vietnam.  Mr. Stein was offered a position as CEO of this 27,000-employee company, but decided not to leave his long-time legal practice.   

Jonathan has extensive contacts among large investment banks, regional investment banks and boutique banks, as well as private equity funds, hedge funds and alternative investment funds.  Mr. Stein’s relationships are strongest in the REGL space, but these same relationships also provide access to other industries served by the same institutions.


Mr. Stein has represented Paramount Digital Entertainment in licensing IP properties to all facets of the gaming industry.  Most recently, Jonthan reprented K-11, a subsidiary of New World China Land, www.nwcl.com.hk ,  a large Hong-Kong based developer active in Chinese supercities.  K11 focuses on $1 billion and larger, vertical, mixed use developments.  Jonathan worked with K-11 in connection with theme park licensing matters involving major theme park ride providers.

Jonathan has negotiated substantial contracts with 20th Century Fox (Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four 2, Night At The Museum, Taxi, Big Momma’s House 2), Sony (Spiderman, Big Fish), Paramount (Paycheck,  Aoen Flux), NBC Universal (Jarhead), Disney (Hot Chick), Warner Bros. (Lady In The Water), MGM (Walking Tall), Dimension Films (Cursed), ABC-TV (Alias), NBC-TV (Crossing Jordan) and Fox-TV (Boston Public), among others.

Mr. Stein has been attorney of record in litigations for such above-the-line talent such as Pamela Anderson, as well as several of the industry’s busiest second unit directors and stunt coordinators.


Jonathan is a registered lobbyist under California’s Political Reform Act, focusing on gaming topics as well as broader public policy issues. His lobbying clients include the Gabrielino-Tongva Indian Tribe, www.gabrielinotribe.org , several gaming machine manufacturers and operators, and the Beverly Hills Bar Association, www.bhba.org .

In addition, Jonathan has been active with well-organized neighborhood groups fighting to close Santa Monica Airport.  An agreement between the City and the Federal Aviation Administration expires, and the Airport may be closed, in July 2015.  Jonathan has formed and advised an independent expenditure committee, several 501(c)(4) civic leagues, and several 501(c)(3) charitable groups.  These organizations establish a high profile or participate in 2012 and 2014  election cycles in Santa Monica and West Los Angeles.   ####