Law Offices of Jonathan Stein was established in 1992, some 22 years ago.  We provide legal work typically found at the better national law firms, but at rates that are far more affordable.  For example, where a litigation might cost $500,000 at a national firm, we can do much the same work for half that amount.

With a record in litigation matters of 62 wins and 9 losses, our results are typically better.  We usually work on the plaintiff side and so more wins are to be expected.  The outsized success, however, stems from Jonathan’s belief that every step in litigation should be taken only to win at trial.

Law Offices of Jonathan Stein handles mostly 7-figure cases with less than 30 boxes of relevant documents.  Usually, about 20 documents and 8 witnesses win or lose a trial.  You will find very little waste in our litigation approach, with a laser-like focus on steps necessary to win and elimination of work that is less necessary.

And with over 300 trial days under his belt, Jonathan is always prepared to go to trial.  Jonathan begins every case with careful strategic thinking and research before the complaint is filed.  Discovery is done with a light touch and an eye towards cost control.  Dispositive motions are prepared with the idea that most or all of the same work will be used at trial.

Law Offices of Jonathan Stein has four distinct areas of expertise — business litigation, private equity fund providers, entertainment matters, and lobbying/public advocacy.